A Brief Guide to the ayurvedic system of medicine

Ayurvedic medicine is an ancient medical system in India it is a whole day of healing. It is ancient about 2000 years ago. In the past, it is believed that it is important to remedy.

The ayurvedic medicine is good for our health or nor

It is good for our health and also has bad effects on our health because it contains lead, arsenic, and mercury also. lead and mercury affect our lungs very badly. So don’t use it your whole life if you don’t have a disease although. Ayurvedic medicine is made of herbal plants so it can be toxic. So be careful while using. 

What is the effect of Ayurvedic medicine?

Ayurvedic medicine also has positive effects on our bodies and also cures many diseases. Diabetes is also made relieved with using of ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic medicine also reduces pain and also helps to heal wounds. It is a very important painkiller but it always does not work because it is not experimentally proven.

Have we enough knowledge about Ayurvedic medicine

We can not see many articles about ayurvedic medicine because it is an old method. The world goes advanced day by day so we can not discuss much of ayurvedic medicine. About 2 lac people used ayurvedic medicine in the past and some also use this method now in America. These medicines when introduce to a new platform they have no idea about that.

 What is the actual definition of Ayurvedic medicine?

The ayurvedic medicine system is ancient in India they also used this medicine nowadays because they believe that the ayurvedic medicines with other medicines are useful. These medicines are made from plants so they are useful because we create them naturally. Now animals and other minerals are also to make the ayurvedic medicine so it may also give bad effects on you.

Is Ayurvedic medicine good according to the scientific idea?

It is experimentally checked that the ayurvedic medicine when used in the clinical laboratory they use as glucosamine which reduced the pain of the patient. More than 400 people reduced their pain and less osteoarthritis. These medicines are also used in many fields like pain killers and inflammation. it also reduces diabetes as I said explained previously.

A herb named Turmeric is used in ulcer cure and also used in another medical fields. 

Is Ayurvedic medicine safe according to the scientific idea?

As we discussed previously that ayurvedic medicines contain lead, mercury, and arsenic. Lead causes the disease of the lungs and makes the lungs weak in just a few days. The patient can not even breathe normally so be careful while using this ayurvedic medicine.

Arsenic and mercury caused the blood pressure to increase so which leads to cause heart disease.

 Ayurvedic medicine is recommended

 Ayurvedic medicine is not recommended even if is in a case of emergency or no other drugs to treat the case. During pregnancy, the ayurvedic drugs are so harmful so don’t take any ayurvedic drugs if she has a pregnancy. If she takes the ayurvedic drug accidentally so what to do now? simply if she feels some pain while using the ayurvedic drugs you have to now consult her doctor.

Name of some Herbs and their functions.


Ashwagandha is a small herb present in many areas of India and other places also so these herbs are now taken off and used in making the different types of ayurvedic medicine. These herbs keep in the water because they lose their quality in the sunlight. 


Ashwagandha is used to reduce the level of depression in humans and make your brain good to work. It also removes your anxiety and tension.


Boswellia is also known by other many names it is gotten from the Serreta trees. It is collected in the box and kept the box close so that it never loses its quality. It has an aroma and its smell is spread here and there in the surroundings.


It is used in the inflammation cure. If anyone got inflame he or she has to use the ayurvedic medicine so that he or she gets well soon. It is used as a nonsteroid effectively so used it when required.


Triphala herb is found everywhere in India like Amla is Triphala herb. These herbs collect in the shade so they do get not dry due to sunlight. Triphala has much use but some use we will discuss next. 


Triphala is best for the cure of constipation and abdominal pain. It is also used the inflammation reduction and reduces the inflame speedily because it is cool. it is also used in patients with arthritis.


The Brahmi is a large tree so the doctor takes its staple only so that these staples are used in the experiments. These staples keep in the water until they become wet. After that prevents the staple from the sunlight. If sunlight gets reaches the target it destroys the whole staple and we can not use Brahmi in the treatment process.


Brahmi is used as an anti-inflammatory. It is also used to prevent the brain from mental stress and also increase the mental process. It increases the brain quality and way of thinking. It is also used in the learning process increments. The learning process is increased by using this. It also keeps the brain easy so you can make attention to everything easily.

Brahmi is used in the medical technique also as the dementia recovery process.


Ayurvedic medicine is used in the medical industry in India. These are used by their gods in the past so they do as in followings their gods and religion. It is a herbal process also used in medicine to make some modern drugs also. Ayurvedic is sometimes also used by the USA people but now they mostly used modern medical products. Keep in mind all the precautions I give to all of you.

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