Ayurveda Concepts that will helpful for your life-2022

Prakruti is defined as the living constitution. It explains the result of how life is settled and how it will proceed in the future this is Prakruti’s definition. The Prakruti is changed over time. It also changes with weather, season, lifestyle, and with temperature. Prakruti is can’t be maintained because changes occur. If the Prakruti changes the whole structure of man’s constitution is also changed so it depends upon the situation you consider. Dosha consists of three main elements Vitta Pitta and Kipah. These are also related to life constitution.


Ayurvedic contains the Dosha, Dosha, actually, a life imbalance in Prakruti the life in constant but change occurs with respect of time and condition which you consider. Dosha is kept life in imbalance.It consists on the Vitta, Pitta And Kipah .These three elements play an important role in life building. Vitta, Pitta, And Kipah change but maintain imbalance in life. These depend upon the diet, Temperature, and condition. Each Dashas consists of the 3 to 5 elements these elements are mentioned below :


Space defines how the Dosha is expanded and what is its limit. It defined areas from where to where meaning from one point to another point. It defines that

What is the range of Dosha in life?

  • Air

It contains the gaseous and airbase that influence that life. It means that life is run with the air and gaseous.

  • Fire

Fire means how heat and high temperature affect life. Heat and hot temperature affect life internally and externally. Fire burns life and changes the condition also.

  • Water

Liquid also influences life and changes life behavior. It depends upon the cold and hot liquidity. In the hot liquidity is situation is harsh and in a very cold situation life fresh I keep in balance to run my life.

  • Earth

Solidity also plays an important role in life. These are some small factors that affect life positively and negatively also. These factors are also basically 3 in number but it is subdivided into 5 elements further which is discussed above as you see.

Ayurvedic practitioners can define the prakruti and dosha also. They give exact definitions also. This is divided is According to the condition and constitution also. These elements build life way by way and make life good throughout.

Explanation Dosha in Brief


Pitta is a Sanskrit word that is pinj which means to Bright or Shine. Dosha is composed of fire elements, chemicals, and other basic things that define your life of you. The main products in this are the small intestine and the things that luster the skin and body also. It plays an important role not only in the digestive process but also play an important role to make the body good internally. It makes the body perfect internally. The Dosha base is internally attached to external factors to perceive the world.


Vitta is a term that arrived from the Sanskrit word Wayuu which means moving of something. If the body keeps moving and starts constantly we can say it’s in your or Vitta’s condition. The Vitta consists of the two elements space and air that move always so these factors influence the Kapha and Pitta also. These factors change the activity as well as the creativity of life. So these factors are more important overall.


Kapha is the word that arrived from the Sanskrit that is Shlish means hold the thing together. Kapha is defined by stomach because it is related to mucus. After all, if the stomach works properly then the other goes on positively also. In the stomach when digesting the food products the energy and then energy utilize to perform the different functions.

This energy regenerates our body parts and also heals the wound properly. This Kapha makes the body fully strong to make the body good for all other factors means harsh factors that affect positively and negatively the life. It promotes our thoughts and understanding and also makes life stable and enough strong to live in every environment. 

It makes the body immune to many diseases so it can bear all bad conditions. It also makes the body tolerant so it may tolerate the harsh condition.

The medicine that prevents the body from all bad things

It is important to discuss all Prakruti. Because if we discuss all the Prakruti of life more we get knowledge about life. We know in this way the requirements of one life. When we understand one’s life requirements then we proceed in this way to increase the life activity and needs also.

If we don’t know the Prakruti then we can’t understand the whole life so then we may guess what he requires and what things are met in his life. Although his or her life is problematic or not.Although the situation is changed as discussed in Dosha according to the environment, season, and fire condition.

Ayurveda philosophy in a simple way

Ayurveda is a medical technique used in India to keep the body healthy and active also. If ayurvedic medicine contains minerals it may cause many diseases. Ayurvedic boosts the lifestyle of a person throughout. 

There will be a discussion that the great connection occurs between the brain and body if the brain works well the body is healthy and vice versa if the body is healthy the brain works well. So provide your body with good food that works properly. As we know electric appliances work when supplied electricity and the brain also works when providing good food.


So ayurvedic medicine and philosophy of medicine are related in this way that herbs things that were used by the gods of India in the past play an important role in life and so the word they used for these herbs and shrubs still are maintained. They used the words Sanskrit like Vitta, Pitta, and Kipah, and also they used the words Dosha and Prakruti. As you think about its philosophy more you get knowledge in this way. 

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