Charity activities: Things we no longer wear

Charity activities: Things we no longer wear

Charity: We no longer use it

There are many things you don’t use but are new that others need, such as books, clothes, cars, children’s toys. Those things have been useful to you in the long run, and now that you don’t need them, they’re useful to someone else who lacks them. That’s why donating is such a noble goal, it helps others while freeing you up of things you don’t need anymore.

There was a campaign here a few years ago using the slogan donate don’t dump and it was shocking how much rubbish people were actually dumping.The volunteers had tales to tell and used tongs and rubber gloves to go through the bags.
There are many ways to recycle things but sometimes it’s hard for people to access them so they take shortcuts and dumping stuff at the charity shops is one way of getting rid of things easily.Really we should all ask ourselves would l want to buy this before donating it!


Books are extremely precious gifts, when giving them a great treasure of knowledge. Giving away books is like giving someone a fishing rod during a fishing trip. The recipient of the book will greatly admire and thank you. If you want to become a wise and rich person, read books and donate books, old books even crumpled but will be very good and very necessary for others.


you can recycle your old car by taking it to a scrap yard and get paid for it
in scrap metal, but why do that when so many charities will take your old car?
you and put them to good use?


You have
a ton of clothes you don’t wear anymore and you’re ready to revamp your
wardrobe. While doing that, you’re probably wondering what you’re going to do
with all your old clothes. Before you throw them in the trash, consider giving
them away.

When you do things for others, something good will happen to you as well. Doing a good
deed like donating your old clothes will make you feel good that you are doing
something for a worthy cause. You are eliminating clutter in your home and
helping others at the same time.

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