Eleven ways to reduce the aging process of your skin

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Manythings can cause our skin to age. Certain things we can’t alter, butothers are things we can alter. One thing we can’t alter is thenatural process of aging. It is a major factor. As we age, we noticelines appearing on our faces. Normally, our faces shed a youthfulglow. The skin becomes thinner and dryer. The genes in our bodiescontrol how these changes happen. The medical term used for thisalteration can be described as “intrinsic aging.”

Theway we live our lives can affect another form of aging, which affectsour skin. The environment we live in and our lifestyle can make ourskin age prematurely. The medical term used to describe this kind ofaging can be described as “extrinsic aging.” You can reducethe effects this kind of aging causes upon our faces by doing somepreventive measures.


Asyou age, the skin’s outer layer (epidermis) shrinks even though manycells remain the same.

Theamount of cells that contain pigment (melanocytes) diminishes. Theremaining melanocytes grow in size. The skin of aging appears paler,thinner, and clearer (translucent). The pigmented spots, also knownas wrinkles , also known as “liver spots,” may appearon sun-exposed skin areas. The term used for the spots is lentigos.

Changesin connective tissue diminish the strength and elasticity of theskin. It is referred to as elastosis. It is evident in areas exposedto sunlight (solar theosis). Elastosis causes the appearance of aleathery, weather-beaten look that is common to sailors, farmers, andothers who spend a lot of time outside. The blood vessels in thedermis get less supple. This causes bleeding and bruising on the skin(often called senile purpura), and other similar ailments.

Theglands that produce oil in the sebaceous system decrease when you getolder. The men experience a slight diminution, but usually around anage that is around 80. Women produce less oil following menopause.This may make it difficult to keep your skin moist, leading todryness and itching.

Thefat layer of the subcutaneous area thins, which means it’s lessinsulated and padding. This increases the chance of injury to yourskin and makes it harder to keep your body temperature stable. Sinceyou’re not equipped with insulation from nature, you are more likelyto be susceptible to hypothermia during cold temperatures.

Certainmedicines are absorbed through the layer of fat. Shrinkage in thislayer may affect how the medicines function.

Thesweat glands make less sweat. This makes it more difficult tomaintain a cool temperature. The risk of becoming overheated orsuffering from the condition known as heatstroke is increased.

Theseinclude the skin tag, warts or dark brown patches (seborrheicKeratoses), and other frequent blemishes in older people.Additionally, there are rough patches that are pinkish (actinickeratosis) that have a low possibility of developing into skincancer.

11strategies to prevent premature aging of the skin

Thesun plays a significant part in prematurely aging our skin. Otherfactors we consider can cause our skin to age faster than it normallywill. To aid their patients in preventing premature aging of theskin, dermatologists give their patients these tips.

Keepyour skin protected from sun damage every day. When you’re in the sunor completing errands protecting your skin from the sun is crucial.You can safeguard the appearance of your skin by seeking shade andprotecting yourself with sun-protective clothing, such as thelightweight, long-sleeved shirt and pants and a hat with a wide brim,and sunglasses that provide UV protection.

Itwould help if you also were using sunscreen that has broad-spectrum,SPF30 (or greater), and water-resistant. Apply sunscreen daily to anyskin types that are not completely covered with clothing. To ensureyour skin is protected, wear clothing that has UV protection factors(UPF) Label.

Applyself-tanner instead of getting the tanning. Everytime you achieve a tan, you’re prematurely aging your skin. This isthe case if you obtain a tan from the sun, tanning bed, or any otherdevices for indoor tanning. They all release harmful UV radiationthat increases the speed at which your skin gets older.

Whenyou smoke, you must stop. Smokinggreatly speeds the rate at which skin ages. It can cause wrinkles anda dull, sallow-looking complexion.

Avoidrepetitive facial expressions. Whenyou make facial expressions, it causes you to contract thesurrounding muscles. If you continue to make the same musclecontractions over some time, these lines can become permanent. Theuse of sunglasses can lessen lines caused by squinting.

Maintaina healthy and balanced food plan. Findingsfrom a handful of studies suggest that eating lots of freshvegetables and fruits could help prevent the destruction that canlead to premature skin aging. The results of research studiesindicate that eating a diet that contains high levels of sugar orother refined carbohydrates may cause premature aging.

Takea smaller amount of alcohol. Alcoholis rough on the skin. It causes dehydration of the skin and, overtime, can damage the skin. It can cause us to look older.

Itis recommended to exercise every day. Findingsfrom a handful of studies suggest that moderate exercise could boostcirculation and improve immunity. This could, in turn, make your skinappear more youthful appearance.

Cleanseyour skin gently. Scrubbingyour skin clean can irritate your skin. Irritating your skinaccelerates skin aging. Gentle washing can help eliminate makeup,dirt, and other substances, without irritating your skin.

Washyour face at least twice every day, and then after sweatingoften. Perspiration, especiallywhen wearing a hat helmet, can irritate the skin, and you should tryto clean your skin immediately after sweating.

Applya moisturizer to your face all day. Moisturizertraps water within our skin, giving us the appearance of beingyounger.

Donot use products for skincare that sting or cause burns.If your skin burns or stings, it’s a sign that the skin suffers fromirritation. Itching your skin may cause it to appear older.

NOTE: Someanti-aging products prescribed by a dermatologist could cause burningor sting. If you’re using an anti-aging prescription product, it ispossible to use it. Be sure to inform your dermatologist.

Never too late to reap the benefits

Peoplewho have signs of premature aging of their skin may benefit fromlifestyle adjustments. Shielding your skin from the sun gives it thechance to repair the damage. Smokers who have stopped smoking oftennotice their skin is looking healthier.

Ifthe signs of aging on your skin bother you, you might considervisiting an expert determatoogist. The latest treatments andless-invasive methods to smooth wrinkles, tighten skin and improveappearance bring the appearance of younger skin to many.

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