Enhance Your Trip Experience: Book Online Train Food Orders

Train journeys can be long and tiring, but one thing that can make them more enjoyable is good food. Thanks to the availability of online train food ordering services, passengers can now order their meals on the go and have them delivered directly to their seats. It saves their time and ensures they enjoy a hassle-free and delicious meal during their train journey.

This article will explore the significance of online train food order and how they can enhance your trip experience.

What is an online train food order?

Online train food order refers to ordering food from an online platform or mobile application while travelling on a train. This service is provided by various food delivery platforms that have tie-ups with Indian Railways. Passengers can browse the food menu on these platforms, select their desired food items, and order online.

The food is then delivered to the passengers at their designated seats or berth during their train journey. Food in train services have made train travel more comfortable and convenient for passengers by giving them access to a wide range of food options and timely delivery.

Significance of online train food orders

One of the biggest challenges of train journeys is ensuring access to good quality food during your trip. However, with the advent of online train food ordering services, passengers can now order their meals from a variety of restaurants and have them delivered directly to their train seats.

This has revolutionised the train travel experience by offering passengers a wide range of food options and the convenience of delivering them without leaving their seats. Given below are the major advantages of using online train food ordering services:

Hassle-free Alternative

Online food ordering platforms allow passengers to order food from their seats without stepping out of the train. This makes train journeys more comfortable and hassle-free.

Wide variety of food options

Online train food ordering platforms offer passengers a wide range of food options, catering to various dietary preferences and requirements. Passengers can choose vegetarian, non-vegetarian, Jain food, and other options.

Quality food at reasonable prices

Online food delivery platforms partner with top-rated restaurants and food outlets. It ensures that passengers receive quality and tasty food at reasonable prices during train trips.

Timely delivery of food

Online food ordering platforms ensure timely delivery of food to passengers at their designated seats or berth. This saves passengers from the hassle of waiting in long queues at station food stalls.

Saving time

Online food ordering saves time for passengers as they do not have to go to a station food stall or wait in long queues. They can order food online and relax in their seats while waiting for their food to be delivered.

Customisable orders

Online food ordering platforms allow passengers to customise their food orders according to their preferences. They can choose the spice level, toppings, and other details to personalise their meal.


Food safety and hygiene are major concerns for passengers while travelling on trains. Online food ordering platforms partner with restaurants that follow strict hygiene standards to ensure the quality and safety of the food.

Cashless transactions

Online food ordering platforms offer passengers the option to pay online, eliminating the need for cash transactions. This adds to the convenience and safety of passengers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Easy cancellation and refund

In case of a change in travel plans, passengers can easily cancel their food orders online and receive a refund. This saves passengers from unnecessary hassle and ensures a hassle-free experience.

Things to keep in mind while booking train food orders online

With the increasing popularity of online train food ordering services, passengers need to know the right things to remember while placing their food orders. Ordering food online for train travel can be a convenient way to ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable journey, but it is important to consider certain factors to make the most out of this service. Here are some of the essential tips to follow:

Order in advance

It is advisable to place your food order at least a few hours in advance of your train’s arrival at the station. This allows the food delivery platform sufficient time to prepare and deliver the food on time.

Choose a reliable food-ordering platform

Choosing a reliable and trustworthy online food delivery platform is important to avoid inconvenience or safety concerns. Read reviews and ratings of the platform before placing your order.

Check the food reviews

Before placing your order, check the reviews and ratings of the restaurant or food outlet you are ordering from. This will present you with an idea of the quality and taste of the food.

Ensure you have the correct train details

Double-check the train details, such as the train, coach, and seat/berth number, before placing your order. This ensures that your food is delivered to the correct seat/berth.

Keep your phone switched on

Keeping your phone on and with you during the journey is important. The delivery executive may need to contact you for directions or to confirm your order details.

Check the menu carefully

Before placing your order, carefully review the menu to ensure it offers the type of food you prefer. Some food delivery platforms may not offer specific types of cuisine or may have limited options for dietary preferences.

Mention any special requirements

You can specify special dietary requirements or food allergies, mentioning them while placing your order. This will help the restaurant or food outlet to prepare your food accordingly.

How to order food using RailRestro?

RailRestro is an online platform that allows train passengers to order food for their journey. Here is a breakdown of how to use RailRestro:

Install the RailRestro app or visit their website on your device.

Enter your PNR number or train number and boarding station. This will display a list of restaurants and food options available at your destination station.

Browse the menu and select a meal or snack that suits your dietary preferences.

Proceed to the payment options and apply any available coupon codes to avail of discounts.

If you have any special cooking instructions or dietary requirements, enter them in the specified field.

Place your order and wait for your meal to be delivered directly to your seat.

Using RailRestro is a convenient way to ensure a delicious and hassle-free meal during your train journey. With a wide range of food options and easy payment options, RailRestro makes train travel even more comfortable and enjoyable.

Summing up

Gone are the days of settling for poor train food during your travels! Thanks to online train food ordering services, you can now revolutionise your journey and indulge in a range of delicious meals, snacks, and beverages with just a few clicks. Also, with a range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

So, say goodbye to the days of bland train food and hello to a whole new level of convenience and satisfaction. RailRestro offers a multi-cuisine food-ordering service for train travellers. But wait, there’s more! A group order in train option makes it perfect for those travelling with friends or family.

Are you tired of settling for low-quality train food during your journeys? Enhance your train journey by booking your train food order with the RailRestro app today!

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