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Guide To Hepatitis, Protection, Cure And Causes

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver in which the liver gets started to enlarge due to a viral infection. Infection means the liver gets swelling. The liver gets ill and leads to cause failure. There are many types of hepatitis; hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis D, and so on until hepatitis F. 

Did you know what are the main types of hepatitis?

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is caused due to the virus HAV. This virus is present in different places like some instruments and blood also. Children and adults can not be vaccinated to get rid of it. This disease is transferred when you travel to different places. This is caused due to contact with each other.

Hepatitis B

This is spread by blood serum. When a patient who has needed blood when transferred blood of a victim the hepatitis is transferred to this patient who has not to carry the hepatic virus. This is caused due to HBV. 

The vaccine is available in the medical store for this disease. it is a medical course of about 3 to 4 months. If it becomes chronic there will be no chance of cure then. The patient should test for hepatitis again and again and check the level if it decreased or not.

 Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C Hepatitis C is caused due to contact. It is caused due to HCV. The patient can cure by oral therapy if it becomes chronic it is dangerous. The patient can cure in a few days if he or she takes the medicine on a daily bases. Don’t let the hepatitis be chronic.

Hepatitis D

Actually, in hepatitis, the immune system is lost. So if you want to make your body strong so you have to take the vaccine and get immunity against the disease. Hepatitis D is caused due to HDV. It is transferred from one person to another by contact and blood. This is cured when we get vaccinated.

Hepatitis E

Hepatitis E due to virus HEV. This virus is present in different utensils and stools also. Treatment for this disease is available. The vaccine is available for this hepatitis. It takes about 4 months to get a good immunity against this disease. This is transferred by contact also. So don’t touch the person who has hepatitis.

Causes of hepatitis

A lot of reasons present that cause hepatitis in this evolving age, but here we will discuss only the causes that are the reason for hepatitis all over the world.

1)blood serum

Blood serum also causes hepatitis. In this process the blood of victimized transfers to the healthy man. There are many ways to transfer this blood serum. The main disease caused by blood serum transformation is hepatitis B it may be acute or chronic.

2)Through faeces contact

The hepatitis is transferred through faeces contact also. The faeces that remain in contact with our vegetables. When we eat these vegetables as the food its causes hepatitis. The mostly hepatitis caused due to faeces is hepatitis A. It may be acute or chronic

3) utensil and medical instruments

Hepatitis is caused due to contact with medical instruments and utensils also. When a doctor uses the syringe when he gives an injection to a patient who has suffered from hepatitis. When he used this same syringe or other things that he applied to the victims must transfer the hepatitis virus to a healthy man. Now he is sick and becomes a victim. The barber also used the same blade to cut the hair or give a shave he also transfers hepatitis so be aware of these types of things.

4) Breastfeeding and unsafe sex

Hepatitis is also caused due to breastfeeding and sexual contact. If a mother gives milk to the baby and she is a victim then she will transfer hepatitis to her baby too. Another one is the sexual contact, in this marriage if one is suffering from hepatitis he or she shares the viral infection.

Acute and chronic hepatitis

1)Acute hepatitis

Acute hepatitis is not so dangerous it remains for a few days and the patient can be cured if he or she takes medicine. It remains for a few months and the patient is cured slowly because of full care.

2)Chronic hepatitis

In this type, the liver is not working properly which leads to failure. This chronic type remains for years until the patient’s liver fails and he or she died.

Symptoms of hepatitis

The main symptom is that it destroys our liver. In this disease, the ability of the patient to bear the disease is about to lose. He or she loses immunity. Increase in abdomen pain. fatigue and fever also. The skin started yellowing. These are some main symptoms that I have to discuss with you.

Protection from hepatitis

If you want to get rid of hepatitis then you have to take some curious steps. Screen the blood by medical technique. Prevent the faeces contact because it causes disease. Don’t touch the utensils naked-handed because it may be used by hepatic patients so use gloves on both hands in Medical. 

Don’t use the blade that is already used for the victim. The mother must use market milk if she has hepatitis. The husband and wife got separated when each of them got a hepatic infection. Be care of these types of hepatic spread things. Avoid homosexuality because it causes aids and hepatitis also. Live in clean places, because the fly also causes hepatitis.

Cure or treatment of hepatitis

89% of people who have hepatitis C can be cured successfully through oral therapy. Some antiviral drugs also cure hepatitis C . There will no cure for hepatitis the patient may cure himself in a few months he must test the amount of virus.

A vaccine is available for hepatitis B. The patient cured slowly. Hepatitis E is also removed on its own but some take antiviral therapy to remove it if the condition is serious.

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