How can you maintain your health as you age?

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Thesecond portion of your life may provide some of the most enjoyableyears. You may feel much more secure than your earlier self. You’llgain experience and patience. Your hair will grow more grays, andyour face will have more wrinkles. But you’ll live longer with yourbody and mind as fit as possible. Whatever the age of your body, it’scrucial to look after your body to avoid getting sick. How can youmaintain your health as you age? Let’s find out. 

Ifyou’re 65 and older, anything as basic as the flu or common coldcould develop and cause complications. These include secondaryinfections like pneumonia, bronchitis, infected ear, or sinusinfection. If you suffer from an ongoing condition, such as diabetes,asthma, or a respiratory condition, it can cause more seriousproblems. In this regard, it’s essential to make healthy choices toboost your immune system and lower the chance of developing theillness.

Usethese 9 tips to keep your body healthy throughout the year.

1.Be active

Physicalactivity helps to be the immune system boost immune system when youexercise, your body’s ability to fight infections and inflammation.The exercise you engage in doesn’t need to be demanding. Theexercises that require minimal impact are beneficial as well.

Youcould think about walking, biking, swimming, or other low-impactaerobics if you’re able to take part in moderate-intensity exercisefor 20-30 minutes each day, to get the recommended amount of 150minutes per week. Source. Additionally, you can strengthen yourmuscles by lifting weights or performing yoga. Change your workoutroutine to determine the best fit for you.

2.Supplement as needed.

Certainsupplements can help maintain a healthy immune system. Before youtake a supplement, consult your physician to determine if it’sappropriate, especially when taking a medication prescribed by yourdoctor. Some of the supplements they can suggest include vitamin D,calcium B6, vitamin B6, or vitamin B12.

Supplementwith multivitamins or supplements as directed to boost your immunity.

3.Eat a healthy diet

Dietsrich in vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins also help boost yourimmune system an increase and help protect you from harmful bacteriaand viruses that can cause illness. Vegetables and fruits are a greatsupply of antioxidants. Antioxidants shield your cells from harm andkeep your body in good health.

Itis also recommended to restrict your intake of fatty and sugary fooditems, as they can trigger inflammation within the body and reduceyour immune system.

Also,be sure to restrict your consumption of alcohol. Talk to yourphysician regarding the safe amount of alcohol you can drink eachweek or per day.

4.Make sure you wash your hands regularly

Handwashing every day is another great method to ensure that you arehealthy all year round. The virus can remain on surfaces for 24hours. It is possible to contract a virus when you touch avirus-infested surface and infect your hands. Then, contact yourface.

Handsshould be washed with hot soapy water regularly and for at least 20seconds. Do not touch your face, nose, or mouth with your hands.

Youcan also safeguard yourself from infection by applying antibacterialhand soap when you can’t clean your hands. Also, make sure todisinfect the surfaces in your home and your workstation regularly.

5.Learn to reduce stress

Stresscan increase your body’s production of cortisol, the stress hormone.Excess cortisol can affect the functions of your body, such as yourimmune system. To lessen stress, engage in your physical activity,get ample sleep, set realistic expectations for yourself, and look atrelaxing, enjoyable activities.

6.Take your time to rest.

Sleepingin can reduce the stress level of your life as well, but it’s alsohow your body repairs itself. This is why having a sufficient amountof rest can lead to a better immune system, making the body more ableto fight infections. It is important to get enough sleep since ithelps improve concentration and memory. You should aim for a minimumof seven and a quarter to nine hours of rest per night.

Ifyou’re having difficulty sleeping, speak to your physician todetermine the root of the problem. The causes of insomnia could be alack of activity during the day and excessive caffeine. Also, itcould be an indication of a medical issue such as sleep apnea orrestless leg syndrome.

7.Do your best to prevent infection

Anannual vaccination schedule is a great option to be well all year. Ifyou’re 65 or over, speak to your physician about getting a high-doseor adjuvant influenza vaccine. The flu virus evolves every year, andit is recommended to get the flu vaccination each year. Talk to yourphysician about receiving pneumococcal shots to prevent meningitisand pneumonia.

8.The annual physicals should be scheduled.

Theannual checkups your schedule can help keep you in good health.Always talk to your doctor in case you are concerned regarding yourhealth. Diabetes or high blood pressure could remain undiagnosed.Regular physical exams can help your doctor to identify any problemsin the early stages. Early treatment can delay long-term problems.

Also,if you experience any cold or flu symptoms, consult your physicianimmediately. The flu virus may cause serious complications for peopleolder than 65. The immune system becomes weaker as we get older,making it more difficult to fight the flu virus. If you consult aphysician during the first 24 hours following the onset of symptomsof influenza, they may prescribe an antiviral drug to decrease theduration and severity of the symptoms.

9.Avoid contact with those who are sick.

Anothermethod of ensuring your safety all year round is to stay close tothose with illnesses. It’s easier to do than say. However, if younotice an outbreak of flu in your region, try to avoid contact withpeople who aren’t feeling well and stay clear of areas with a lot ofpeople until symptoms improve. If you are required to leave, makesure you are protected by wearing a mask. If you care for someone whohas the flu, wear an eye mask and gloves and wash and disinfect yourhands regularly.

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