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How to upgrade the butt by Brazilian style

“Brazilian breast lift” is a procedure to remove excess fat in the third round, becoming more and more popular, the expert song warns that this is the most dangerous algorithm.

After the third breast lift, Kayla Malveaux woke up in the hospital’s intensive care unit, in a wheelchair. She felt a sharp pain in her face and eye area for an unknown reason.

Before that, Malveaux went through the translation of “Brazilian third round”. This is the method get the big fat from the area, hips, thighs and inject into the bust to increase size, different from using conventional implants. From 2021, this service becomes popular.

While it’s impossible to say something really happened between the end time hospital and the time of sobriety, Malveaux has a speculation. “It felt like they threw me in a wheelchair, my head hit somewhere,” she turned around.

When brought from the cosmetic establishment in Miami, USA, the 22-year-old girl understood it. In the hospital waiting room, a long line of girls are waiting to be translated. All booked with a doctor. “I don’t understand how a doctor can ever recognize a patient for a day without being exhausted,” she said.

Malveaux is an in a number of the women Bay to the things as South Florida, Turkey, Mexico or Thailand to have being ” at a surprisingly cheap price. They only need to pay $ 3,000 for a complex complex, lasting many hours.

The term butt lift became so popular that it blew up apps like TikTok and Instagram. Usually takes place in small clinics. A doctor who holds only a dermatology or pediatrics degree, attends weekend cosmetology training, and advertises himself as a “legally licensed practitioner”. To offset the cost of operating the department each day, they try to take in as many patients as possible.

South Florida is quickly emerging as an aesthetic capital. The law allows doctors to treat patients in all areas, as long as the patient’s consent is obtained.

“You could set up your own room and do attention-grabbing service tomorrow with no training. That makes perfect sense,” explains Adam Rubinstein, a salon doctor in Miami.

Experts have repeatedly warned about the risks of low-cost buttock upgrades, but women have been pouring money into beauty like this in the past year. Three rounds of digital upgrades globally are up 77% since 2015, according to a survey by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Show here is the fastest growing cosmetic procedure in the world.

Helly Larson, a 26-year-old broadcaster, had a Brazilian breast lift surgery in 2019 at a clinic in Miami. Four hours after she was anesthetized, the surgeon began to enter the room and complain about the unprofessionalism of the anesthesiologist.

“At that point, I started to feel scared and reassured myself, ‘I’ll be fine, I’ll be fine’. I didn’t even know about the mortality rate after surgery,” she said.

The death rate from Brazilian breast augmentation worldwide is one in 3,000 – a large number, according to a review of research published in PubMes in 2017. In 2019, a survey estimated the risk of death. Post-operative mortality is one in 14,900, in 2020 it will be one in 20,000. The number is still higher than the death rate from liposuction, surgery.

The majority of deaths after Brazilian breast augmentation are due to improper technique performed by doctors. According to experts, the human buttocks contain a lot of large blood vessels. Putting too much fat on the buttocks can cause them to migrate to the lungs, causing pulmonary embolism, which can lead to death. That’s why most reputable surgeons limit the amount of fat put into the buttocks, to reduce the possibility of “dead fat”, forming tumors.

Danger occurs when doctors try to operate on customers as quickly as possible. At a beauty salon, 8 people died within 6 years. In 2018, a patient died three days after fat grafting at New Life Aesthetic Institute. The cause was determined to be a complication of liposuction, fat transfer.

Small clinics often don’t fully explain what can happen after a breast lift. The doctor does not inform the patient about the risks of injecting too much fat. To achieve the desired figure, many women do two to three cosmetic procedures. Newly transplanted fat does not last forever. Many people’s butts shrink in the months following surgery.

Postoperative care instructions varied depending on the patient’s body, but all were required to wear a belt to keep their shape for three months, which is the time when newly transplanted fat binds to existing fat. They also had to sleep on their stomachs for at least six weeks and sit on a specialized pillow. To help with blood circulation, patients must schedule regular massages, which can be painful.

For Helly, the first week after surgery was “hell”. She describes walking around the coffee table as “like running a mile”. Helly also has circulatory problems when sitting down, has back pain and has trouble sleeping.

Many people predict the Brazilian butt trend will disappear in about a decade, similar to the popular beauty trends of the past. The standard of good body shape will change over time, what remains is the cosmetology industry willing to follow trends at any cost, offering unproven “avant-garde” services.

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