Is drinking a lot of orange juice good for children?


Is orange juice really good? Who should and shouldn’t drink orange juice and how much is enough?

Orange juice is an ideal source of vitamin C, especially for young children. However, drinking orange juice properly so that the body can absorb it well is also a problem.

Children under six months should not be given orange juice.

Over six months to less than one year old can be used but should also be limited, if used, must be diluted.

Do not give your child orange juice on an empty stomach, near a meal (right before or after a meal) or at the end of the day, especially before bedtime.

Do not mix oranges with milk or drink orange juice close to milk, so drink two things at least 45 minutes apart.

Do not drink too much. For children from one to two years old, the daily amount of orange juice should only be from 100ml to 150ml. Drink immediately after squeezing.

Supplementing vitamin C from a natural source like fresh orange juice is always better than taking a supplement, especially for children. When you need to take supplements, you must follow the doctor’s prescription.

In addition to orange juice, there are many other fruit juices that are also rich in vitamin C such as strawberries, acerola, apple, guava… Children can eat or drink juice.

** The information provided in the article is for reference only and is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

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