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Laptops can cause infertility in men

Men who use laptops and often put them on their laps can affect fertility.

Scientists studied two risks that laptop computers can affect male fertility. When placed on the lap, the heat generated by the laptop and the electromagnetic field around it can affect the sperm production ability of the testicles as well as the quality of the sperm.


In 2005, a small study from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Stony Brook found that the heat generated by a laptop computer can increase the temperature of the scrotum and the skin that protects the testicles. This is important because the role of the scrotum is to keep the temperature of the testicles below the temperature of the body.

The testicles are the organs that produce sperm. When the testicles are too warm, they can’t produce as much sperm and make the sperm weaker. In the study, laptop heat increased the temperature of the scrotum by up to 2.8 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, the testicles performed best at temperatures 1 to 2 degrees Celsius lower than body temperature.

Electric field

An electromagnetic field (EMF) is an invisible region of energy created by a combination of electricity and magnetic forces. EMF sources include microwave ovens and cell phones.

High-frequency EMF, such as from X-rays, is known to increase cancer risk by altering the DNA (genetic material) of cells. This raises concerns about other potential effects of EMF, such as its effect on sperm quality.

In another study, scientists exposed semen to Wi-Fi, surrounded by low-frequency EMFs. They found that Wifi both damaged the DNA of sperm contained in semen and made them less mobile. To be able to fertilize an egg, the sperm must be able to move well and quickly.

Exposure to Wifi can harm the testicles, which in turn can reduce sperm count; changes in the size and shape of the sperm (morphology); changes in sperm motility (the ability of the sperm to swim in the right direction); damage the DNA of sperm; cause fragments of chromosomes to break off; increases the likelihood of gene mutations occurring during cell division, which disrupt important enzymes and hormones.

Whether laptops can cause male infertility is still a matter of controversy. Despite the potential risks from heat and EMF to testicular temperature and sperm quality and quantity, more research is needed to prove a direct link between laptop use. and male fertility.

Still, there are reasons to find that the longer the testicles are in contact with the laptop, and the closer the device is to the genitals, the greater the risk of sperm damage and fertility. So, if men often use laptops and put them on their laps, pay attention to avoid a few things below to improve their fertility protection:

Do not cross your legs if you are sitting up straight or cross your ankles if you are reclining. Keep your legs slightly apart. Reduce the frequency of placing the laptop on your lap. Whenever you can, put your laptop on the desk.

Men should wear long pants and loose-fitting underwear. Avoid hot baths and saunas. Maintain a healthy weight.

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