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Proven Facts Are cigarette smoking leads to death?

The large volume is calculated from tobacco and cigarette taking. Smoking has different types some are so dangerous And some little bit. Research papers make much research on tobacco and suggested that tobacco is injurious to health even in form of cigarettes or any other form. Numerous study explains that tobacco causes cardiovascular disease. 

Cigarette smoking is cause lung cancer, it leads to death even. A major source of tobacco disease is cigarettes they supply easily to your body. Tobacco causes cancer to the lungs, heart, cervix, and brain.

Chemicals in Smoke

It contains many chemicals


This is a chemical that is present in cigarette this affects the human lungs and cause cancer.


It relieved the human moves out tension and anxiety. Some people thought to use it permanently to relieve their anxiety.

3)carbon monoxide

CO is when reached in the lungs cause lungs cancer


These chemicals cause blood pressure to increase and lung disease.

70 chemical damage the smoker

It causes cancer of the lungs, cervix, heart, and esophagus.

Different between smokers and nonsmokers Health

The smoker has more diseases than the non-smoker.

Smoker had heart disease, pulmonary disease blood pressure, and stomach disease.

Heart disease

Smoking affects the heart arteries and veins. The two arteries that coronary arteries effects when using the cigarettes. They form the plaque in the coronary artery and block it.No blood crossing occurs now and the rate of the heartbeat becomes slow. It causes a heart attack.

Breast cancer

It is seen that 1% of women that are addicted to smoking die each year. They have a cancerous cell on the breast her breast is enlarged and lost her mammary gland. The risk of smoking is increased in the past 50 years. The rate is too high in the USA. Now they take action against this disease. It is a too risky disease.

Pulmonary disease

Many diseases of the lungs occur due to smoking.

1) Emphysema

In this disease, the lungs’ alveoli when face the smoking constantly. Due to constant smoking, the alveoli break down. If the alveoli break the area of the lungs increase and the respiratory rate decrease.

2) Bronchitis

Bronchitis is the infection of the lining of bronchioles. These bronchioles got blocked by mucus secretion. The patient has symptoms like cough and fever. Continues cough can break the lungs wall.


In this disease, one or both lungs got infected. This is due to bacteria or viruses. Bacteria call as streptococcus pneumonia cause this disease. Smoking increases the slow process.


Smoking causes cancer. Smoker when using the cigarettes 2,3 each day that caused dangerous diseases. Smoking can thicker the blood vessel in this increase the blood pressure. The blood pressure when increased causes the brain vessel to burst. 

Even this causes blood cancer. When smokers use cigarettes to get nicotine for relaxation just. He or she got mutations in their gene. These changes in genes can affect the whole body and transfer from one person to another person. The smoker can face all types of cancer.

5) Asthma

Asthma is a lung disease. It is an allergic reaction. Be aware of dirt and pollutants. The pollen grains enter into lungs through the mouth and reach the lungs. So it causes the lungs failures.

Effect of smoking on women’s reproductive cycle

Ectopic in pregnant women

After fertilization the zygote is implanted in the uterus. After this, the uterus gains this zygote and provides food. But smoker women can not even implant the zygote in the uterus properly. This is due to the implanted zygote sometimes failing to develop. This causes premature baby production.

Premature baby production

The smoke women when fertilizing the baby are implanted in the uterus. if the women use maximum smoking in case of pregnancy this leads to cause the baby to birth abnormally.

This is caused due to high heat and low blood pressure. Low blood pressure cause infants to release first.

Effects on sperm

When a young one uses smoking the level of sperm degenerates. So the sperm level decreased day by day. The release time of a man is minimum if he is used to smoking. If the Victim use smoking so high then he is not able to get married. 

He should move toward the doctor and get treatment. The doctor gives medication to the patient. If he follows the instructions of the doctor then he will get good health. If he is not lifted the smoking the patient can’t cure.

Smoke and Coronavirus

Smoking and coronavirus relate to each other. When a coronavirus patient takes smoking it damages the lungs and cells.

The cells when damaged or burden with viruses and burst the cells. The lungs also get cancer or the alveoli burst when coronavirus enters into lungs.

 Smoking as fashion

Smoking is not good. The students of the present generation used smoking as a fashion. After the time pass, the students are addicted to smoking. They even spend a lot of money to buy it. They used expensive smoking things. They do all things in the hostel. The hostel. should be in control and security base. The university banned smoking. Banned the shop that supplies cigarettes. Take good measures against smoking because it takes away students’ lives. This causes many diseases as mentioned above.


Death is necessary but even smoking causes death before 11 years. If You want to get rid of smoking take exercise and remove all the tobacco-containing things. Consult your doctor, and advise smokers that use candy and sweet things. If one is not prevented from the disease it is too fatal. Be careful your health is very important than your habit so get avoid this.

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