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Proven ways to quit smoking?

Although we know that smoking is injurious to health. All the risks are known by everyone. But the habit of anything is too bad. When we become habitual of anything it is not easy for us to get rid of it. If we smoke actively or passively the habit has the same results.

Nicotine is the cause of addiction

Nicotine is a chemical that is used in smoking. Smoking has physical and psychological effects. Nicotine, when inhale with smoking that is reached the brain after reaching it, starts relieved the brain so the smoker feels relaxed. Nicotine into way decreased the memory and brain work capacity. Due to relaxation, the smoker can not feel the anxiety, tension, and boredom overall. They remain healthy for some time. All tension goes away. This is the effect of chemicals. When it gives relaxation it becomes a habit for all the persons. 

Smoking becomes routine today

Smoking becomes routine nowadays because you can see the person use cigarettes when they are free from office work or when they are free from the teaching and so on. They used smoking after doing work. That means smoking become fashionable. It is a bad fashion that leads to death.

How to stop smoking step by step?

The main thing is to stop smoking and stop the habit. Many people stop smoking. Keep a promise to yourself and if you manage to move to a cold area it is very helpful for you to leave smoking. Then uses some other things in place of smoking like candy etc. Do exercise and keep yourself busy whole the day. Don’t even face the smoke of another person this can stimulate you again. The habitual smoker when tried to left the smoke they make work hard they use strong food to bear this. As a result of full effort finally, you get rid of smoking.

Ask yourself

Ask yourself which thing made you to addicted this. Remind the incident and by concluding You can find it anyway. The way you got this habit only helps you to get rid of it. Keep yourself strong to fight this bad habit.

Does this thing also matter what type of smoker you are?

Are you an active smoker or passive?

Passive smokers leave the habit fastly but the active smoker is harder to skip from that. He makes works hard day and night to leave the smoking habit.

Are you looking for a cigarette when you are intense and anxious? This is like alcohol and smoking. We make our minds relieved just for a few minutes but we regret it in the future.

Set Date

Choose a date and promise yourself that you’re not smoking this week and keep strong on your promise. Don’t take smoking even if you need it the most. Bears and relax simply. Don’t share with your friend they lose your determination. 

Tell friends and family

If you have good friends and family tell them that you skipped smoking and demand their support. When they support you, your determination is full. When you use smoking in the forget way that reminds you and also forces you to don’t this thing. They always support you. The family can’t give you money to buy cigarettes and force you to stop it it’s our insult.

 Anticipate and plan

When you planned for one thing just do it, because nicotine addiction is difficult to leave but not impossible keep trying you can do it.

Consult with your doctor. They give you an alternative way to leave smoking. 

Remove cigarettes

Remove cigarettes and all the smoking things that you have in-home, car, or pocket. Throw away all lighters, matches, etc. Wash your clothes and use fresh body scents. When you remove all the smell from your body and keep calm your mind not force you to do anything. The brain can’t argue with you to take cigarettes. Use candy when you feeling about to fall this can help you. 

 Doctor consult

The doctor advises you to take the gums and candy, and rely on them. He can advise you on medication but it does not give you benefits. When you’re in stress, anxiety, and tension and want to get rid of it you find the cigarettes as the last friend but it’s wrong. You can think about the exercise, cricket, running and other physical efforts as you like this helps you to remove the smoking and save you lungs and stomach and increase your life days.

Leave bad companies

If you have bad friends in your company leave them out. These bad friends force you to join cigarettes. Then if you are trying to leave the smoking get away from your bad friends, and bad relationships. You can grow your personality by adopting this.


The media should play an important role to provide awareness against smoking. They run the advertising and show the bad effects of cigarettes. Make graphs and different dangerous pictures to provide awareness about smoking. Recently we can see those cigarette companies give photos of mouth cancer and foot cancer. Now it depends upon the smoker whether he lifted it or not.


Cigarettes use is a bad thing it contains many chemicals this chemical when reached in the body it causes mutations. Mutations mean changes in the gene sequence. The normal change structure change. This causes the patient to mutant and causes cancer. This mutant gene also transfers from one person to another and parents through children.

It mostly causes lung cancer and lung failure. When we use cigarettes daily the habit gets Strong so keep in mind one thing that doesn’t use daily. If you use it daily your life is shortened and you also give loss your children and wife. They depend upon you but it is a bad loss for your family. If he or she gets stopped they give life to one family. They enjoy life together.

What do you think?

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