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Skin treatment in the Ayurvedic system of medicine

Ayurvedic skincare by using Indian ayurvedic medicine is an ancient method. These herbal products make the skin good and white also. The market industry is full of ayurvedic medicine and skincare products. But the decision is which products you chose. If you chose a good product for your skin to shine good and if you are not experiencing then whatsoever can’t say. We can also use home remedy products like herbs to keep skin fresh and bright and shiny.

Ancient documentary of skin ayurvedic

India uses herbal medicine to white the skin. Then use these medicines to keep the skin white and pure. In ancient times the Gods of Asia use herbal products to cure the skin as well use these herbal products as anti-inflammatory. So these herbal plants are present in Pakistan as well in India.

 What about skincare? Role of Ayurvedic skincare 

Skin is very important for everyone so it depends upon you how much time you give to your skin or hair. If you want good and long hair you have to use good products also. We need help from the doctor, the researchers and also required the cosmetician. 

They give us different tips and tricks to improve our skin colour as well make our hair good for a long time. If you prevent your skin from dirty places and protect hair from dandruff you are lucky. 

If you really love your skin and you will find a shop that is named skincare or name of products so take care of these products. Are these products researched thoroughly? You will also find the original products by making efforts. Finally, if you find good products and start buying the don’t believe them next time. You have also checked the product next time also.

How many types of skin according to ayurvedic?

Ayurvedic skin is recommended according to the skin type. The Types of skin depend upon the doshas. There are three types of the skin according to the Dosha. If any person is not buying the products according to his skin then he or she faces any skin problem. So keep in mind everything when you go to buy the skincare cream. The types of skin According to dosha :


In Vitta the skin is dry. if the skin is dry it faces many problems like pimples and smears also. If skin face problem it becomes black and he or she make full effort to write it but it failed.

A face mask that uses in Vitta

Things that used

1 flour

2 turmeric powder

3 yoghurt, rose etc

Implemented Or process

Mix up all these products like flour and turmeric powder .shake the bottle for just some time. After that with rose and yoghurt apply to the oily skin and wait for half an hour. When half hour is passed wash the face with a good soap or face wash then use a simple ayurvedic cream to shine your skin. Now your skin is shiny now and if you use this method for a one month.


In this condition, the skin becomes fire and become black. In this the skin is oily and this oily skin face problems if acne and pimples on the skin. Skin shines due to oil but after some time this oil lead to form the dotted on the skin. The Victim tries different skin products to get rid of it and wants to make his or her skin good to see and shine also.

Face mask use in Pitta

Implemented or process

1 take aloe vera

2 rose water

3 cotton balls


First, if all take n the cotton ball and soaked it in the rose water completely and then apply it to the skin. When you completely wash and clean your skin by using this technique then after it you see that the whole oil is removed from your skin. When the whole oil is removed the. Apply aloe vera on your skin. Give cover on your skin completely until no part remains to unmask. Wait for just 30 hours and after time is passed. Use good skin soap and clean your face. After doing this the skin is seen as white and you look good. He or she feels good after applying that.


In this situation, the skin is oily also and he or she wants to remove the oil by using a home remedy it may cause the allergy of skin and also this allergic reaction become a part of your whole body and your whole body become black

So keep your skin white by removing the oil this is only possible when you get rid of unsaturated products and oily products also. Prevent using the oily removed products because many of them fail to have good results.

Face mask use in Kapha as face care


1 honey bee

2 turmeric powder

Implemented or process

Mix the honey and turmeric and get mix it up . When this is completely mixed and the mixture is obtained then use it on the skin for some time and wait.After it uses the warm water and wash the skin and make the oil completely removed. After this, he or she looks beautiful . Multani mitti Multani mitti is brown in colour and is used in different ways. Take water Implemented or process. Mix Multani mitti with water. Apply the Multani mitti on the skin by mixing it up with water and wait for a while. Then use the warm water to clean the face. Now the face is oil-free. Your face becomes beautiful.

Face masks of all types


1 flour

2 almond flour

3 turmeric powder

4 oil


Mix the flour and almond and mix it up after mixing the mixture is obtained. After that mix turmeric powder and mix again. Then use this mixture on the skin and wait . Then after some time wash the face with warm water and clean it . Now your face become beautiful.

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