Substance Abuse Evaluation by Here For You Enterprises

What’s Substance Abuse Evaluation?

A substance abuse evaluation is used to ceate an effective recovery path that is tailored to the individual patients needs. By assessing the history of substance use and addiction, as well as other factors such as any previous medications taken or any ongoing treatment, patients are given the best possible path to recovery.

A comprehensive substance abuse evaluation can help both the patient and doctors in many ways such as:

  • it helps to determines if you have a drug or alcohol addiction
  • assesses the extent or level of addiction
  • determines if there are any co-occurring conditions
  • assesses how it affects patients life
  • allows the treatment team to establish a baseline and build a treatment plan accordingly

Substance abuse usually refers to the use of substances in a way that causes physical, mental, emotional or social harm.

The most common addictive substances are alcohol, drugs and tobacco. Drug addiction is more prevalent than alcohol addiction worldwide.

If someone is abusing drugs they are bound to get withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking them. This can include shaking, sweating and depression.

How Does Substance Abuse Affect the Brain and the Body?

How does substance or drug abuse affect the brain? When the drug enters the bloodstream and brings its chemical properties to tissues all over the body. The drug can reach nerve cells in certain parts of the brain by traveling through blood vessels or by crossing over from nearby tissue where it has been deposited. The chemicals tend to attach themselves to cells which are important for controlling moods and emotions through a series of chemical reactions.

A strong substance abuse evaluation by certified centers is very important to help overcome any form of Substance addiction. After all, substance abuse addiction is a chronic, relapsing disorder which affects brain centers involved in reward, motivation, memory, self-control. It is also a kind of mental illness that disrupts the connections between regions of the brain that are important for thought and emotion.

It is highly recommended to enroll in an substance addiction therapy program offered by Here For You Enterprise in Ohio as it has proven to help those with addiction in overcoming major obstacles in both their personal and professional life. Careful observations and substance abuse evaluations are very important in treating a persons addiction. An accurate evalution of the situation is a battle half won.

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Awareness about Substance Abuse is essential for prevention