Top disease spreading disease in 2022


Coronavirus disease is a viral disease caused due to a virus. It started in China in 2019 and is still spreading. This disease affects the human lungs and the patient cannot even breathe which leads to death. Many researchers and scientists and doctors make an effort to find a cure for this disease but they fail. They try their best to find out the main reason. 

Corona disease is caused due to a virus and it’s spreading from one person to another person. So governments of different countries kept banning all activities and sealed the whole countries even for months and years. All transportation is banned. This passes slowly and the situation also becomes worse. In 2021 the situation reached a dangerous level. 

Doctors only give Oxygen to the patient otherwise it depends upon the patient whether he or she is cured or not. Firstly, it says that this disease is mostly present in adult people and with time this disease affects even men, women, children, and adults also. 

Many people are afraid that now the whole world is spreading this virus. Everyone is sealed in the home and just for money to eat here in the city. People are dying because this virus is too toxic. No one country doesn’t give product notifications. After a few new months, the cure against the new disease gives me petrol.

Because of a large effort in a different task, this platform sending pictures is not good here. No ok condition room is required for a patient. With the effort of some professors and doctors, they can find the coronavirus vaccination. This vaccine may or may not be available in all the countries. These vaccinations are Pfizer and others also available.

Some of the patients get started health by this platform and earn through click rate now. It helps to build up our immune system so we can not even bear and also face fever. Vaccination gives immunity to all of us. Now the situation right now is good but we can say it is completely removed.


Hepatitis is a viral infection that affects the liver and causes the liver to inflame. It has many symptoms like yellowing of colour, fatigue, fever, and loss of appetite. it may be chronic or acute also. In this disease, the liver gets enlarged and does not work properly so the doctor gives some antiviral drugs to the patient so he will get better soon. If he or she is not cured properly with time it leads to becoming chronic. Must take the test for hepatitis each year so that you have taken the early drug and don’t face any problems.

Types of hepatitis

Hepatitis has many types like hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis D, and so on up to hepatitis F.

In hepatitis A, the liver gets inflamed and causes the failure of liver work. It may be acute and chronic both so if you take the test and start the treatment you are cured.

In hepatitis B the liver is in chronic condition so keep care if it is chronic it can’t be cured now so a patient must tell the situation to parents or doctor so they take care of it. Hepatitis B is serum hepatitis so it may be transferred from one person to another if he gives blood.

Hepatitis is a viral disease spread through the connection between blood serum and breastfeeding. Hepatitis is increasing day by day due to the use of germ water which contains the viral infection agent. 


AIDS is Immuno-deficiency syndrome in this disease the patient loses immunity and got sick. It is also a viral infection that affects immunity. It is spread due to sexual contact and the transfer of blood serum.


Influenza is also a viral infection. In influenza, that patient’s nose is blowing and can’t stop. This is spreading from one person to another person through the air. So if one person gets influenza he spreads it to many persons through the air. It’s not curable and cures itself naturally


This is caused to due Bacteria. It’s also transferred from one person to another person if share blood. This disease is caused because of food or meat not being cooked properly. It contains many bacteria and viruses so when it reaches the body it causes Tuberculosis famous as TB. Its curable in the early stages also take the medicine regularly that kills the bacteria in a fast way.


It’s also a viral disease and spread very fastly. In this disease, the patient has a swollen neck. It is spreading due to low levels of iodine salt also. But mainly it is a viral infection. The patient is in harsh condition and cured by giving him or her antiviral medication.

Sexually transmitted diseases

Mainly most diseases transfer through sexual contact. If a marriage one male or female has hepatitis she or he transfers to each other. If he or she has Aids they also transfer it to each other easily. If the couple has TB, they also give this disease to each other easily. So one thing keeps in mind is if Marriage couple has any type of disease he or she don’t shy to tell each other. In foreign countries mostly the couple also takes their Medical clearance certificate on the marriage day. 

So they see what type of disease he or she has. Aids and an incurable and life-taking disease that is also transferred through sexual contact. In this situation, the patient gets to lose their immunity and can’t bear even a small disease and in a few days, he or she becomes a victim of the disease. These are top-ranked diseases that spread fastly in 2022. They transfer from one person to another person easily if you want to keep stop get to avoid all things.

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