When to Opt for Intensive Case Management

As per the National Library of Medicine, ‘‘Intensive Case Management (ICM) is a community‐based package of care aiming to provide long‐term care for severely mentally ill people who do not require immediate admission.’’

Intensive Case Management puts the patients in control and goes beyond the traditional doctor-patient engagement. Here For you’s Intensive Case Management services in Ohio aims to providing them with the right information about their options and the ability to manage their care. This innovative approach, combined with continuous quality improvement in all our services, helps you focus on living your life instead of just living your illness.

Intensive case management is different from regular case management in that social workers and other providers work together with patients and their families to ensure they get the help they need.

A case manager coordinates, tracks, and manages all aspects of patient care in a facility, including care planning, intervention coordination, discharge planning and post-discharge follow-up.

The intensive case manager is the main contact for patients with complex needs or severe behavioral problems. The ICM is involved in day-to-day management of the patient to implement and monitor care plans, as well as cope with difficult situations. They offer services like meeting with families to organize therapeutic goals and interventions, coordinating among agencies to ensure that all possible care is provided, preparing for the patient’s transition home and making sure his/her needs are met.

Intensive Case Management Services in Ohio

Intensive Case Management Services are specific types of services offered by agencies and organizations that offer mental health care. Here For You also provides such services and take pride in providing the utmost care to patients. The intensive case management is a community-based intervention which has been shown to reduce hospitalizations, decrease hospital days, and increase social rehabilitation activities.

It is not always easy for people in recovery to find the help they need. Here For You Enterprises was developed to help people in need of assistance with their addiction. Here for You Enterprises staff are experts in connecting our clients with resources that will help them overcome any barriers that are preventing them from a full recovery. We provide hands-on care and support that is focused on each individual so they can accomplish their goals and reach their maximum potential.

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