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Losing weight improves spermatozoon quality

Research from the University of national capital and Hvidovre Hospital shows that corpulent men will improve spermatozoon quality if they reduce and maintain a healthy weight.

The work, revealed within the journal Human copy, on May 23, showed that men WHO lost a mean of sixteen.5kg redoubled spermatozoon concentration by five hundredth and spermatozoon count by four-hundredth in eight weeks. spermatozoon quality continued  to enhance if they maintained a healthy weight for the subsequent fifty two weeks. when one year, the boys had double as several spermatozoon cells as before the load loss.

“It’s shocking to ascertain such a giant improvement in spermatozoon quality if you reduce. presently eighteen of Danes area unit corpulent. New analysis may create a distinction,” aforesaid academician Signe Torekov, study author. save, said.

This is excellent news for those that area unit considering having a baby. Previous work has shown that a high spermatozoon count results in a quicker conception.

Experts have long believed that fatness will cause reduced seed quality. Previous studies have conjointly shown a link between weight loss and improved spermatozoon count, however too few individuals participated.

“This is that the initial irregular long study which will show that spermatozoon quality in men improves with sustained weight loss,” aforesaid academician Torekov.

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