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It’s possible thatsometimes you do not get the pregnancy-preventing pills, and you comeclose with your partner, But you’ll not get pregnant, yes it ispossible. Here, question is that if you take the pill to preventpregnancy, is there still any type of chance that you get pregnant.

Onething is clear, there is no Family planning method that is a hundredpercent secure, every method has its own pros and cons. So, in thistopic, we will just dive into the pills and their effects oncontrolling birth.

Whatis the Birth control pills’ effectiveness rate?

Birthcontrol pills are effective up to 99% when they are administrated inthe same way as recommended by the doctor. But, the effectiveness ofbirth control decreases when you do not take it the right way.

Whatis the right starting way to take birth control pills?

Thepills will not start work when you will start taking pills. You haveto start some days before taking pills, In case you start nowadaysand want to meet with your partner you can use the backup method suchas Condoms. But, be careful these tablets will not protect you fromsexually transmitted diseases as in the case of Condom.

Whatwill happen if I forget to take the pill?

Youhave to take the pills on daily basis, suppose if you missed thetablet a single day your chances to get a pregnancy will increase. Incase, if you are skipping the medicine just because of its sideeffects talk to your doctor he will help you in this case.

But,in case you miss the mini pills then you have to take them when youremember. However, if you miss a pill and do not take from theprevious 24 hours then you have to visit your doctor or check outyour pregnancy test.

Typesof birth control pills:

Thereare different kinds of pills, so it is not the point what kind ofpills you are taking. You have taken all types of pills on dailybasis or according to the doctor’s prescription.


1-Combined pills:

Thesepills contain estrogen and progesterone. A pack of 30 tablets ispresent in which 21-23 days of the hormonal and the secondary 9tablets of the reminder tablets. Take combined pills to save yourselffrom the pregnancy and it also saves you from the periods.



Thereis one con with the mini pills because it contains only estrogen andyou have to take them on a daily basis at considering same time. Ifyou will take the mini-pills without a schedule a lot of chances yougot pregnant.


Effectiveways to use birth control pills

Here,are some strategies, if you will use the birth control tablets in thegiven way there will be a 100% chance that you will not get pregnant.


Thereare numerous apps present on the play store which let you know aboutyour daily schedule and you can take the tablet during the day whenyou are thinking to spend the night with your partner.

2-Don’t take the pills late at night:

Tryto take the pills in the early time such as morning or afternooninstead of late at night. Taking pills late at night requires a timefor the onset of action.


Ifyou are using birth pills for pregnancy protection try to use thecondoms or any spermicidal as an additional it will help you to getthe double action from the pregnancy protection,

Suppose,you are using the birth control pills and use condoms at the sametime, so using condoms can help you to remain to save from thepregnancy in case of birth control pill does not work additionally itwill save you from the sexually transmitted disease.

Casesin which Birth control pills in not effective

Oftenit happens that you take the pills and its not work. Sometimes, it’snot dependent on the pill but there are a lot of extra factors thatplay a role in the pill’s influence, and their efficiency and potencydecrease. Those factors that decrease the effectiveness of the pillare given below:


Informationis mostly present in the leaflets that store the medicine in theright place such as away from moisture, heat, and high temperature.So, if any factor will affect the tablet then tablet effectivenesswill decrease, and may not work well.


Inmedicine, there are drug-drug interactions that can make yourmedication less effective so, the chances to control the birthdecrease. But, here are some medicine that interfere with the birthcontrol pills such as 


Somemedicines like HIV, and Hepatitis also produce their effect on thebirth control pills. So, make sure you discuss with your doctor thebirth control pills and other medicine therapy. Doing this will makeyou sure that you are using the birth control pills in the correctway which will not decrease their effectiveness.


Herbsand pills: 

Ifyou are taking some herbs as an addiction or using the supplementsfor your workout then might possibly the effectiveness of the birthcontrol pills get decrease.

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