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Is Ayurvedic medicine safe?

Ayurveda medicine has a medical system that has been ancient since 2000. Ayurvedic pharmacy has a vast area of use. Ayurvedic pharmacy has much use in the medical industry also. These herbal products use as inflammation cures. Herbal products use as skincare and are also used to whiten the skin. They are sometimes safe and sometimes unsafe depending upon the situation.

In Ancient the ayurvedic medicine is important now these ayurvedic medicine used in modern medical allopathy. These products use as toxicity cures.

Ayurveda is not claimed that it is fully safe it is safe only when it is used on any person. This medicine is also used now when I have an experimental approach. These drugs products use to cure toxicity.


As It is experimentally proven that the ayurvedic contains not only herbs, shrubs, animals, and minerals also. The mineral is mercury, arsenic, and lead.


Lead is also released when the automobile run and it is get connected to the herbs that are used in making the ayurvedic medicine. These types of herbs that are opened for everything are more dangerous than the other that is covered. Lead is the main cause of lung cancer and causes the lungs to fail that is more dangerous for human health to take a small amount of lead even causes lung cancer so be careful of it.

Mercury and Arsenic

Mercury and Arsenic also cause many types of diseases like constipation and diarrhea. In this condition, the patient may be weak and lead to get rest even for a few days to many days even.

A suitable environment for making Herbal products

As we can see for making the different types of medical products there will be a good environment and a good situation required. It is compulsory because without that no experience in performing. The herbal products are even prepared without taking the temperature and heat ignore so we can not say whether this product is authentic or not. Ayurvedic medicines medicine contains different types of minerals so be aware of them.

Are Mineral or Metal safe for our Health?

It is experimentally proved that the mineral-like mercury, arsenic, and lead are dangerous for human health even if it makes reliable it has a bad effect even. Metal like iron is also so dangerous for human health.

Even the scientist make efforts to make these products relieved for human health but it’s unsafe now also. They make full efforts to save humans from these bad products but it can be done even if they make them less dangerous.

Toxic Mushrooms

Many toxic mushrooms like toads are present in different areas of India. These mushrooms use in many products making. These products are not safe even. Some of the hallucinogenics are also unsafe. The herbs contain the main components that cause hallucinations. Mushrooms are even so dangerous that even is life taken when a bad doctor uses the mushrooms without knowing it’s typing it causing the death of the individual. So keep in mind all things while suggestions when choosing the medicine.

Safety of Ayurvedic medicine

Although scientists work on making different ayurvedic products they use minerals and metals. They also use these products in different work. After every 4,5 an article if Publis about the use of ayurvedic medicine. In 2015 it is accepted that the people that gain the lead and Mercury has elevated level of blood. This increase in blood pressure causes the patient relieved maximum.

Arsenic Poisoning

2015 research said that an old man that is of maximum age is not using the herbal things that contain arsenic poisoning. Arsenic Poisoning causes the patient blood pressure to increase so which causes heart attack and some loss of elasticity of blood vessels.

What are the benefits of ayurvedic medicine?

Stress Buster

Ayurvedic and Yoga are interlinked to each other so they give you benefits from each other. They give you full benefits even Yoga relieved your health. They get helped you to make your body healthy. They removed your toxicity.

  • They are used in surgery.
  • These are used in antioxidants.
  • They are used as skincare.
  • They are used for hair growth.
  • They are used as improving health.
  • They are used as remove the Brain stress.



It is used in arthritis disease. Most females faced this disease so it is removed from the body by using the herb.


It keeps your mind fresh and healthy .it’s decreased anxiety and tension in the Brain.

Remove the toxins from the body

Ayurvedic medicine keeps your brain, soul, and body-safe. They also remove the toxicity from our body so the body is now pure and clean. Herbal medicine is naturally occurring medicine so they are not dangerous so.

Decreased illness

If you want to decrease the illness it is compulsory to take the exercise daily and take the bathe daily. Take a diet that is reliable for health. If you want to make good health then you have to take a good diet.

Ayurvedic medicine has two concept

1)  find the cause of the disease

2)  Cure disease by using the herbal products


Disadvantages of Ayurveda

Ayurvedic medicine also has negative and positive effects. As a coin has two sides the ayurvedic medicine also has two sides one is positive And the other is negative so they have effects all time. We can not say that it has only positive effects.

The medicine also does not pure the people so they will not. It is the real Ayurvedic medicine that gives you positive results.

Ayurvedic Treatment

If we want to use ayurvedic medicine in treatment we use the medicine that is 100% set for treatment. These ayurvedic are experienced first by the person so now they are ready to use.

These are fully used in the surgery and technique also. They make the hair colors black. They maintain the blood pressure and make the body of the man more healthy. Keep in mind all things.

What do you think?

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